About top up production

Team work makes the dream work

We are six determined, talented and hard working young women from six different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
Our multicultural origins allow us to work with a wide cultural and professional scope, while from our skill portfolio emerges a creative and hardworking team with big visions. We attach great value to  professionalism and  dedication in organisation, promotion and implementation of our events.

We all love dancehall culture and it is an important part of our lives, so that we naturally spend our free time on working for this culture that we love. The most important fact though, which facilitates our productive collaboration, is that we love and respect each other as friends and family.


The TopUp Production team consists of
  • Margarita “Maggi” Bönning-Ofori
  • Kajsa Eliasson
  • Mandi James
  • Chiara Nacchia
  • Anna-Lena “Leni” Storch
  • Ananda Walther
  • Establishment in 2012
  • Organisation of dancehall workshops in Berlin since 2012
  • Booking agency for Europe tours of Jamaican dancers since 2013
  • Organisation of TopUp Dancehall Camp since 2014 (including TopUp Battles and TopUp Show Contest)
  • Organisation of TopUp Jamaica Trip since 2014
About Top Up
Swaggi Maggi

About swaggi maggi

The founder of TopUp Production, whose real name is Margarita Bönning-Ofori, is also known as dancehall dancer, teacher, choreographer and researcher.

Maggi is involved in the german dancehall scene since 2006 and is recognised as one of Germany’s pioneers in dancehall dancing, especially non-dancehallqueen style, even though her career started off as official german dancehallqueen in 2010. In 2013 she founded the dancehall crew Primetime Danzas and trains new generations of dancehall dancers.

Since 2011 she has traveled to Jamaica regularly and started her education and research on Jamaican popular culture. Studying social- and cultural anthropology in Berlin she realised the research of her master thesis in Kingston and finalised her studies with a thesis titled „from the streets to the studio – the cultural institutionalisation of dancehall dancing: A transnational perspective from Jamaica“.

Swaggi Maggi is a certified Stylish Moves teacher Level 1 & 2, teaching regular classes in Berlin and workshops all over the world (Germany, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, Columbia, Chile, Brasil, …). She is known in Jamaica due to organising the TopUp Jamaica Trips since 2014 and booked for shows and video and commercial shoots in Jamaica and Europe.

Artists: Mavado, Elephant Man, Busy Signal, Beenie Man, TOK, Gentleman, Richie Stephens, Khago, Voicemail, Bugle, Kiprich, RDX, Ishawna, …

Companies: Guinness, Lime, MagnumSting, Appleton, Supligen, …

Dancehall classes with Swaggi Maggi in Berlin

Monday: 16:00 – 17:30h VHS Neukölln Link
Monday: 20:30 – 21:45h X-Step Link
Wednesday: 19:00 – 21:00h TopUp Dancehall Class (Grenzallee 5)
Thursday: 20:15-21:45h VHS Neukölln Link
Saturday: 13:15-14:30 X-Step Link
Saturday: 17:40-19:00h Motion*s Link

For more information feel free to check her out on

You can send booking requests for workshops, shows, lectures or video shoots here: